Table Tops

Table Top 3

Product Description

Rigid Interchangeable Table Tops


Hows It’s Made

These table tops are produced through a moulding process, our prepreg is laid up into a mould this time with glass fibre behind them. Heat & pressure is then applied to set them into place before a lacquer is applied to really make the top pop.

Key Features

Strength, the glass fibre behind the face provides strength and durability

Elegant in look and design, these table tops offer functionality as well as style

Any of our prepreg fabric can be pressed in our mould to given this excellent product, why not select numerous styles and simple change your table top for every occasion.

A High gloss lacquer has been applied to these table tops to ensure that the surface is perfect

These table top covers are interchangeable.

Dimensions: 50cm x 50cm x 2.5cm (W x H x D)

Fabrics Used

4078 – Light Denim

140191 – Gold

6013 – Grey Silver

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Here is a quick video showing the table top off, you can see the details of the fabric.