River Cruiser Doors



Product Description

River Cruiser Doors



How It’s Made

These river cruiser doors have been restored by Anthony Simon, furniture restorers, french polishers & modern finishers, located in Macclesfield, Cheshire. The doors were cleaned, the wood polished and panels of our material inserted into the frames and adhered using Tensorgrip LP61. The results are stunning and bring glitz and glam to a standard product, really setting it apart from the crowd.



Key Features

Strength, the plywood provides a solid base for our material to make look stunning.

The designs are elegant, the lines of the designs are crisp, sharp and durable.

Compared to a standard wood veneer our material is lightweight, this means that in order to really give these doors a quick refresh, our material was simply glued over the top of the existing veneers.

The flexibility to gloss up or matt down the visual aspects by applying lacquers is a huge benefit or simply leave as is to achieve another stunning finish.

Our Kimorra veneer is easy to work with and the results are stunning.



Kimorra Veneers Used

6032 – Black Gold

149663 – Beige Diamonds


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