Radiator 6

Product Description

This Radiator cover has been created by our talented friend Jason Muteham, the wood is faced with our panel material and give this stunning finish.


How It’s Made

Traditional furniture techniques bonding our material to plywood along with Jason’s skills allowed this stunning product to be produced.

Key Features

Durability, the wood behind the panel material gives the strength, the panel on the front the durability.

Elegant in look and design, the radiator cover is designed to cover that unsightly radiator with a stunning centre piece

This cover can be produced using any of our panel products to offer a variety of styles, perfect for any home.

A satin finish which occurs naturally on the panel through our process.

Dimensions: 61cm x 60cm x 11cm (W x H x D)

See www.coolradiatorscovered.com for more information.

Fabrics Used

6032 – Black Gold


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