Kimorra Range

We have ready a range of Kimorra® veneers suitable for furniture making or to be used in panel form with MDF backing or backed with lightweight core materials. They look stunning! More fabrics will be added as we develop them.

Our Kimorra® Veneers are sold by the panel or square metre; each individual sheet is 1200 x 2400 mm. The thickness of the material varies between 0.3 and 0.7mm generally dependant upon the base fabric; for example the denim fabrics are around 0.5mm thick.

We have specialist furniture and panel makers that have made the items shown below and we welcome enquiries from other furniture manufacturers that are interested in exploring this technology. We also welcome any interested retailers, shop fitters, interior designers and we can suggest suitable processing partners to help them. Please give us a call and we will be pleased to help.


Kimorra Veneers Currently Available:

Please go to to see our full range of Veneers, ready to order today.

Our material can bond with almost any substrate, we have numerous examples below, we have extensive contacts within each substrate area and will more then happily work with you to find the best solution to fit your needs.



Through extensive work with numerous supliers we have found some excellent bonding solutions.

MDF is strong and dense it is perfect to provide strength to any situation exspecially when weight is not an issue.

For more information with regards to MDF Contact Us


Lightweight Core

We are working on light weight core solutions and have some examples available.

For more information about lightweight cores, Contact Us



Our adhesive suppliers have offered us some good solutions bonding our fabric veneers to metals.

We can provide you with the panel and the contacts that can bond the material for you. If you wish to collaborate then Contact Us






Video Footage Of Our Panels

We have recorded some cool clips of our panels so that you can see for yourselves the way the panels look in their finished state.