Product Description

Rigid Cube Seats


How It’s Made

Traditional furniture making techniques, produced from our panel product. The cubes are produced in MDF and then our material is bonded to the MDF to give the excellent surface finish.

Key Features

Strength, the MDF provides a solid base for our material to make look stunning.

The designs are elegant, the lines of the designs are crisp, sharp and durable.

Lightweight, very little weight is added to the product by our veneering material, the material bonds the same way a traditional wood veneer would.

The flexibility to gloss up or matt down the visual aspects by applying lacquers is a huge benefit or simply leave as is to achieve another stunning finish.

Dimensions: 45cm x 45cm x 45cm (W x H x D)


Fabrics Used

6032 – Black Gold

6030 – Gold Leaf

1147 – Paisley

11352 – Giraffe Print

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