Advanced Engineering 2015

We had a wonderful timeat Advanced Engineering in Birmingham last week, we met some wonderful people, had some very interesting discussions and made some very exciting connections! We met lots of old friends and made plenty of new friends all of which we are very excited to be working with in the future.

We had chance to show off our new exciting samples which were produced in time for this show.

We had our wonderful friends at Jacobs Interiors UK produce these cool cubes, we were so excited about these samples that we posted some pictures of them in an earlier post. In case you missed it here are some shots of the cubes from the show and before the show! I think you will agree they are stunning and would really make anyone passing by stop and look.

Imagine what a bigger piece would look like, oh wait, we have a bigger piece courtesy of our friends at Boardcraft, their skilled joiners put some serious graft into this fantastic number, producing a really high quality cupboard with a stunning finish. The cupboard would make a fantastic centre piece for any room and immediately captures the attention of any passer-by! Check it out for yourselves in the pictures below.

All these pictures are low resolution, we can’t wait until the glossy shots are completed and we can really show these products off as they are intended! 🙂 We are always looking to expand our sample range and are always looking for partners that want to produce items for us to exhibit, is this an area you might be interest in collaborating with us in, if so visit the Contact page and get in touch.

Looking forward we are really excited to be exhibiting at the Surface Design Show in London in February, we will keep you posted with updates as we move forward.

Once again a huge thank you to everyone who came and saw our products, for our latest developments and news visit our social media pages!